20 photos to inspire you to visit Italy

I love my country.
I love all the mountains and the lakes, all the seas and the trees, all the cathedrals and the monuments, all the cities and the villages. I feel so blessed for being able to travel so often around my country and see all the beauties of Italy, and knowing that is forbidden for the next period is very hard, and very sad. This is a very difficult time for all of us: we are locked in our houses trying to contain this dangerous virus, and my country is in a great time of need, like the rest of the world at the moment. We don’t know when all this emergency will pass, and we don’t know when we will be able again to travel and see the beauties of the World.But what we know is that the World will be out there waiting for us, with all his wonders. What we can do is to dream about the moment when we will go out again, to breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on our skin, watch forests and seas, mountains and flowers, arts and beauties. So I want to do my best to help you to dream the moment when we will be able to travel again, and I want to do it presenting you some of the beauties of Italy, my stunning country that has so much to offer. I hope that this will make you dream about better time, and maye inspire you to visit wehne things will get better! Because they will, we have to believe in this.
We need to follow the rules, we need be strong, and we need everyone’s strength to pass this nightmare. Because this storm will pass, and we will be able to discover Italy again, to travel the World again and see how beautiful it is, how beautiful we are.
Stay home, stay safe.

Carezza Lake, South Tyrol
Monte Terminillo, Rieti
Sardinia’s North Coast
Calcata, Viterbo
Sella Pass, South Tyrol
Foro romano, Rome
Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino
Capo Caccia, Sardinia
Sella Pass, South Tyrol
Antorno Lake, Veneto
Verona, Veneto
Tre Cime di Lavaredo,Veneto/South Tyrol
Val di Funes, South Tyrol
Monte Terminillo, Rieti
Libreria dell’Acqua Alta, Venice
Fontana di Trevi, Rome
Capriccioli Beach, Sardinia
Capo Caccia, Sardinia
Braies Lake, South Tyrol


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